Welcome to our new site!!!

Data Exchange users, your login is at the bottom right of the screen.

As of today all the submitter changes have been sent in and we are awaiting Medicare and Medi-cal confirmation.

Once the change has been effected we will start setting up the electronic EoB's and automated EoB posting system.

I am confident the all of our clients will be online with the EoB automated posting system by June 1st.

Flu Shot Reminder!
Flu Season is upon us! Begin now to take advantage of each office visit as an opportunity to talk with your patients about the flu virus and their risks for
complications associated with the flu.
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Welcome to Physican’s
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About Us

For over 30 years, Physician's Billing Service, Inc. has been specializing in Accounts Receivable Management - allowing physicians to eliminate time spent billing and headaches that frequently occur when dealing with insurance claims, diagnosis codes and procedure modifiers.

We are a comprehensive billing service with a staff of experienced specialists who will handle your billing accurately and quickly - maximizing your revenue. We guarantee we will input your billing information and have invoices distributed within 24-hours of receiving your claims!

Based in Bermuda Dunes, California, our staff of professionals has 213 combined years of medical billing experience. We are family-owned and operated and strive to "keep revenues high and account receivables low" for all of our clients.

78-931 Avenue 41 • Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203 • Tel (760) 772-7495 • Fax (760) 772-7435
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